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Blackberry Keyone Review

With the flop of Blackberry’s first Android smartphone and underwhelming sakes of the DTEK series smartphone, Blackberry has turned to infuse nostalgia with the latest in Android specs and hardware.


  • 5” IPS LCD display (1620x1080p resolution)
  • Qwerty Keyboard with capacitive touch
  • Android 7.1.1 Nougat with Blackberry stock like launcher for Keyboard shortcuts
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 with 3 GB RAM
  • 32 GB Internal (Expandable to 256 GB via SD Card)
  • Fast Charging
  • 12MP Rear Camera, 8MP selfie camera
  • Fingerprint Sensor in spacebar
  • Colors: Black
  • Blackberry Security and Apps for added protection
  • 3,505 mAh Battery


The design of this phone at first glance may seem like something from the pre-iPhone era, with a seemingly small screen and a physical keyboard. But in my opinion it stands out from the rest of the pack in being unique, intuitive and sturdy. The back of the phone has a soft touch material that gives the user more grip when using this device and also contains the camera and flash that gives that nostalgic look. The front has the normal sensors and speakers at the top and bottom, along with the keyboard and of course the screen. It has the normal buttons: volume and lock/power, as well as a intuitive convenience key that you can assign a wide variety of actions to.  There is one issue however and that relates to the screen popping up, but that is only if you were to do it intentionally by trying to lift the screen from the edges with your fingernails. Thankfully, Balckberry has fixed that in its new shipment.


The camera of this phone is great and yet not all that great. In terms of normal picture taking, it works as a great camera for pictures you may want to post on social media for your everyday audience. But there is one issue here, the camera has some trouble with the focusing software as it sometimes confuse itself whether it is focus or not on the object of the picture. In terms of a person who is seeking to “wow” people however, they will find that pictures may be lacking in detail and the manual mode is lacking RAW image support. In addition there is no OIS and the EIS is underwhelming, which is surprising considering that the Pixel from Google uses the same sensor as the Keyone. The selfie camera on this phone is pretty much as good as well but nothing to really speak about.


The software on this device is pretty good with most of its features actually useful and helpful rather than being gimmicks that no one really needs. The main feature of the software is actually the QWERTY keyboard, which has some capacitive functions that are greatly useful, such as swiping up to scroll when on a webpage or on Facebook. Double tapping on the keyboard can give you cursor control and swiping left or right will allow you to move the cursor to where you want it to be to backspace a word, useful especially when typing long paragraphs.  The keyboard also integrates the typical functions for copying and the likes when typing to make it seem like you are using an actually keyboard, even allowing to enable CRTL on the keyboard. Also there is the ability to use any keys to perform any function, just like convenience keys but with more specific functions, such as calling or texting a contact or opening an app etc. Of course all this can be customized to how ever the user sees fit. There is also the Blackberry Hub for all your social media needs, the Blackberry Password Manager and the DTEK Security App which is updated for additional security very often and on time.


The battery on this phone is excellent, simply one of the best battery life in smartphones this year. It packs a 3,505 mAh battery and because the Snapdragon 626 is exceedingly power efficient, the battery life is simply amazing. Typical battery life is around 12 hours Screen on Time, though this will vary according to usage. Fast Charging on this device gives you 50% in 36 minutes of charging and uses Quick Charge 3.0.

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