CTECHBusinessGTT & GDT Partnership: How it will speed the internet up for you

GTT & GDT Partnership: How it will speed the internet up for you

GTT (Guyana Telephone & Telegraph) company and GDP (General Datatech) partnered in an effort to improve services rendered by GTT. GDT is a technology integration partner or value-added reseller. The US based company, GDT, had recently doubled its Dallas Campus back in 2013.

After upgrading of networking infrastructures, here are 5 visible improvements you should be able to notice:

1. Throughput

Maybe this one is a bit obvious since better equipment, in most cases, means increase throughput. Throughput, in the simplest of words, means an amount of units of data that can be transmitted from one location to another over a given bandwidth. An analogy to better explain this is: Imagine there is a two-lane road on a highway. The two lanes are the bandwidth and the number of cars travelling is the throughput. The maximum amount of cars that can travel on a highway at a given time is referred to as maximum throughput. If there are old equipment then the maximum throughout cannot be utilized and therefore hinders GTT’s distributed bandwidth to customers. With newer equipment, GTT can utilize their bandwidth by increasing throughput from their peered ISP and to their customers.

2. Stability

Stability is a given when you have new networking equipment. And a much needed venue for improvement on GTT’s part. Complains are flowing over the top where this is concerned. The situation worsens in some villages than others.

New equipment translates to  less down-times. Moreover, this would also result in data transmission consistency throughout the board. There should be less fluctuation data speed than before.

3. Fewer Data Dead-zones

A Dead-zone is an area where your device cannot get connectivity to the network. Dead-zones are usually caused by a number of factors. 1. Network Interference, 2. A building with thick walls that deflect the signal or by poor network equipment with poor broadcast range. GTT has not declared specifically if upgrades will be done on broadcasting towers, but if it is, we should be getting less lost connectivity throughout the country. There are times I noticed my HSPA+ network drops to EDGE.

4. DNS

A Domain Name System (DNS) is a service or server that translates domain name to IP addresses. This tells your browser that www.Google.com is associated to a defined IP address. The server then renders the page that matches the IP address’s association. If this process takes long to translate then website browsing performance will be poor. This is one of the  most integral part of the internet and is a direct result of performance. The longer the DNS server takes to resolve or commicate with other DNS servers (.COM server) the longer it takes for you to browse.

5. Latency

Latency is the amount of time for a packet of data to get from one designated point to another. In some environments (for example, GTT), latency is measured by sending a packet that is returned to the sender; the round-trip time is considered the latency.

One method of testing latency from one node to another is ping. In computer networking, a ping is a method of testing connectivity between devices and checking if the two computers or devices are communicative to one another. If you have ever used any applications like speedtest.net, you might have seen ping. The lower the ping the better. If your ping is high this means that there is high latency with your connection to GTT. While distance also affects ping, there is a definitive latency on internal networking equipment. In short, newer and better equipment reduces latency since they are made with newer networking technologies. Ergo, makes your connection to the internet faster.

If the upgrade is successful then all these listed above will contribute to a better and faster internet connection for you, the consumer. I am looking forward for a better internet connection and most of all, fewer down times. We just have to wait and see if we are going to get what we anticipate.


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