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Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Review

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is the sequel to the original Doodle Army game that has proven to be popular whole wide. Lets look at the popular yet underrated game that can become addictive, fun and downright competitive.

The Basics
Platform: Android (3.0 and up) iOS (6.0 and up)
Developer: Appinsomniacs
Type: Shooting
Difficulty: Moderate (Some strategy required)


The Graphics of this game are nothing to shout about, however the beauty of this games lies not in the graphics. The graphics of this game are, 2.5 D at best, with a little of gore when being shot and killed (the avatar breaks to pieces). Explosions and gas traps are not really impressive but they are not bad either. Overall the graphics of the game, separately, is not impressive as other titles, but combined with the rest of the game, you wouldn’t have any complaints.


Mini Militia features a host of modern day as well as futuristic guns and grenades. There is also the ability to wield dual guns but not all can be use this way. Players have a limit of two weapons at all times and three grenades. Some weapons are only available to paid players as well as duals, though all weapons are available in LAN play.

A list of weapons present in the latest version:

Desert Eagle | Uzi | Magnum | MP5 | Ak-47 | M4 | M-14 | Shot Gun | M93BA (Sniper) | PHASR | Flame Thrower | Fragmentation Grenade | Proximity Grenade | Gas Grenade | EMP | Machete | Saw Gun | SWAM (Bazooka) | Shield

Power Ups

No game would be fun without a bit of help and Mini Militia is no different. Power ups can be found throughout the map on multiplayer mode whether LAN or WiFi and are readily found. No power ups are available in single player mode. Here is a list of Power-ups available:

  • Rocket Booster- for longer flights
  • Health Restore
  • Extra grenade 

Game Play

While the single player is a bit disappointing, Mini Militia has outdone itself on the multiplayer aspect. The single player consist of a tutorial on basic controls and the likes and involves shooting robots to get a high score. But the multiplayer is where Mini Militia shines. In LAN play, a total of six (6) players can play at once through mobile hotspot. Here you can choose any weapons you want and you can use duals as well. The player with the most kills wins. The same rules apply for online play, but you gain points which you can use in the store to purchase upgrades such as more grenades, etc. In addition, there are two points system, one for skills which is dependent on how much deaths you average per game, and rankings – which you gain points for each kill you earn. A record is kept of your death/kill ratio as well so you can compare with friends.

If you have decided to play this game, be on the lookout for yours truly, my screen name is Nekron.

Download it on Google Play Store or the App Store


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