CTECHGovernmentTrump create executive order to modernize Government

Trump create executive order to modernize Government

President Trump is establishing an American Technology Council to help the government deliver better digital services.

The executive order signed on Monday by President Donald Trump in creating a Technology Council tasked with the responsibility of improved Digital Services rendered by the US Government.

The order reads as follow:

“Americans deserve better digital services from their Government. To effectuate this policy, the Federal Government must transform and modernize its information technology and how it uses and delivers digital services.”





Officials say the new council is part of the efforts by Jared Kushner’s, White House Office of American Innovation to unite the government with private-sector ideas to solve long-term problems. The ATC will coordinate strategy with other departments and agencies, and funnel advice to Trump.

Modernizing government IT has been a passion project of Kushner’s. The council will be run by two of Kushner’s lieutenants, Chris Liddell and Reed Cordish, assistant to the president for intra-governmental and technology initiatives. Liddell — the White House director of strategic initiatives, and former CFO of Microsoft and GM — will be the council’s director.

The order will:

“”Coordinate the vision, strategy, and direction for the Federal Government’s use of information technology and the delivery of services through information technology.””


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