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Check if you are getting the internet speed you paid for

We have received so many messages from people asking us this very question. Though many of you tech savvy readers already know how to do this, this article is for those who are newbies and want to know if they are getting the internet speed which they are paying for.

They are many methods of testing the internet speed you are receiving. Some methods are complicated while others are more rudimentary. Now it is important to know that your internet speed will be determined on the type of connection you have. For folks in the United States, check if you have cable or DSL connection and whether your allocated bandwidth is dedicated or shared.

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A dedicated bandwidth means you should be getting the speed you paid for 99% of the time. While a shared bandwidth means your internet speed is indicative of the number of users currently on. Cable internet speeds are usually shared while DSL offers users dedicated bandwidth. In Guyana, while DSL are usually dedicated, GTT  says it is shared and the number of users currently on would affect your internet speed.

This is the first piece of information you need to verify with your internet service provider(ISP). The second is to make sure you know what speed you are paying for.

Once you have those information on hand, you are ready to test your internet speed. There are a whole host of website tools you can use to test your internet speed.


Ensure that you have switched off your WiFi connection on all of your devices that use the internet. This might include your smart TV, if you have one.


Go on one of your device either your smartphone, laptop or a desktop computer and visit any one of these services below.






Once you’re there on the website, run the test to check your internet speed. Depending on the current setting of the tool, you should see either X.XX Kbps or X.XX Mbps. Ofcourse, X in this case would be your internet speed.

There you go, you have just checked the speed of the internet. Now you can call your ISP and let them know you’re not getting the speed you paid for.


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