CTECHNewsSWOPP Barter App to be launched soon

SWOPP Barter App to be launched soon

A young entrepreneur, Shemar Spencer, is developing a barter app in Guyana in collaboration with the tech group Intellect Storm. Spencer met with the tech group at the Ministry of Public Telecommunications First Hackathon last October, where he decided to collaborate with the tech group to make this app a reality.

Creator of the Swopp app Shemar Spencer

The objective behind the app is to enable trading without the use of money, hence the word “barter”. Spencer said the idea came when he was assisting his aunt at her restaurant.  The build-up of waste products was an issue since the garbage truck collected refuse just once a week.  The young entrepreneur further went on to say that he contacted a farmer via Facebook to ascertain whether he was interested in procuring waste for his pigs. The farmer then offered to exchange fruits with Spencer’s aunt for the waste products. The farmer traded fruits for the waste and, to that end, both parties benefited.

The YIPOG project for innovative ideas awarded Spencer $1M for the development of the app. Spencer noted that the app is in the final stages of completion and is expected to be launched soon.

Credits to DPI Guyana for the details

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