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Here is how to apply the Petya ransomware vaccine

Yesterday, companies around the world have been battling with, to what security experts believe is, a variation of the Petya ransomware. Among the companies infected were Cadbury Chocolate factory in Australia, Rosneft, a Russian oil company and A.P. Moller-Maersk.

Traces of codes from the NSA had been recovered from the malware, which prompted experts to believe that the author of the malware used the documents of computer vulnerabilities leaked from the NSA. The virus exploits the EternalBlue vulnerability that exist on Microsoft’s SMB protocol and while Microsoft released a patch in March, not all computers had been updated with the patch.

Security experts have found a temporary solution to the rampaging Petya/GoldenEye ransomware that is still plaguing computers around the world, primarily enterprises. Experts say that the vaccine is only temporary because the author can easily modify the virus. But never the less, if you are infected with the malware, this is how you fix your computer.

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To make sure that your computer is vaccinated against Petya, you should create a file called perfc in C:\Windows folder and make it read only. Here’s how to do it —

  1. To do so, you need to first enable Windows extensions by opening Folder Options. There, uncheck the Hide extensions for known file types option.
  2. Now open C:\Windows folder and find the notepad.exe program. Select it using left-click, press Ctrl+C to copy it and use Ctrl+V to paste it.
  3. After this, a new notepad – copy.exe file will be created. Now rename this file as perfc and hit Enter. You’ll be shown a prompt that’ll ask you if you’re sure to rename it. Choose Yes and continue.
  4. Now, to make the file read-only, right-click on the file and select Properties.
  5. In the perfc Properties window, look for a Read-only checkbox at the bottom. Check it and click on Apply and then OK.

That’s all you need to do for making sure that you’re protected against Petya ransomware. Please note that it isn’t like a WannaCry killswitch that took care of the ransomware globally. This vaccine is applicable to a single computer on which it’s applied.

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