CTECHTechiPhone 8 Leak: What the iPhone 8 might look like if this leak is real

iPhone 8 Leak: What the iPhone 8 might look like if this leak is real

Today,13th April, 2017, Thursday, an update was posted to Chinese website weibo of the schematics of Apple’s iPhone 8. The image, posted below, appears to be a 3D modeling of the iPhone 8 which also outlined the dimensions of the device.

The image also looks like it was taken from a computer monitor. Which would make me inclined to think that it might be true, however, it is not sufficient enough to consider it to be authentic.

If this leak is real, Apple is making some bold changes to the iPhone. Firstly, as you can see, the Touch ID scanner is not placed at the back. Which I think is a step backwards since having it at the front serves beneficial to both Apple and their millions of customers around the world.

Having the Touch ID scanner at the front:

      1. Give Apple the iconic iPhone look dated back since the time Steve Jobs first unveiled the iPhone.
      2. Its more intuitive for customers because it is on the front of the device and thus, you avoid fumbling around while trying to feel for it.
      3. Its more natural since that’s where your finger ends up while pulling the phone out of your pocket.

Lets hope that the information presented in this leak is all unsubstantiated.

On the other hand, having a bezel-less iPhone will give it a more modern look like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6. Like those smartphones, Apple might even go with a curved display.

Apple’s new iPhone 8 is set to be unveiled this coming September alongside a new iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.


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