CTECHTechWindowsWindows 10Don’t Want to wait? Get Windows 10 Creator’s update Now.

Don’t Want to wait? Get Windows 10 Creator’s update Now.

Get Windows 10 Creator’s Update now.

Windows 10 Creator’s update is out and brings a lot of features and security updates. Features like 3D paint, Beam Gaming Broadcasts, awesome updates for Microsoft Edge – tabs review bar, and more.

If you are running Windows 10, you are bound t0 get it at some time. Creator’s update has just rolled out and it may take weeks or even months for it to reach you. But there is a way to get it without waiting.

You can officially download the creator’s update through the update assistant. Just download it from Microsoft download page here.

After download, run and install the update assistant.

The update assistant will check to see if your PC is compatible.

The update will take some time to download since its over a Gig big.

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