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Google I/O Live Commentary

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Live broadcasting started on May 17, 2017 10:06 AM .

4:32 PM
New translation feature built into Google Allo
4:25 PM
Kotlin is a new programming language in Android
4:23 PM
Play Console Dashboard to show what causes performance limitation
4:22 PM
WISELIMITS to improve background location and background execution
4:19 PM
Project Vitals to improve battery life and stability
4:15 PM
Notification Dot: Notification Dot appears on the icon and let the user know there is a notification in the App. Long pressing reveals the notification
4:14 PM
Picture in Picture: Android O new multitasking feature!
4:12 PM
Themes for Android O: Fluid Experience and Vitals
4:10 PM
Google play has 82 billions app engagement
4:09 PM
two billion active devices!!
4:08 PM
Here comes the Android segment
4:07 PM
New API to let creators get notified!
2:11 PM
Creators live streaming on YouTube grown four times
2:01 PM
Google Lens integration with Google Photos
1:58 PM
NEW: Photo Books. | automatic suggestions for printing photos and will have hard copies for photos. Starting at US$9.99
1:52 PM
Shared Libraries is NEW on Google Photos. Automatic sharing with someone
1:48 PM
Google Photos now suggests photos to share
1:47 PM
Google Photos now had half billion active users
1:44 PM
Soundcloud is on Google Home too
1:44 PM
Spotify now on Google Home
1:40 PM
Unlike Alexa, Google Home will call you on your landline phone. Alexa will only call to other Alexa devices.
1:38 PM
Google Home now has hands-free calling
1:38 PM
Google Home now had proactive assistant. Google assistant will update you based on Events on Calenders
1:33 PM
Actions on Google will now support transactions.
1:32 PM
Google Assistant is now open to third party developers.
1:31 PM
New Languages to be rolled out for the Google Assistant
1:30 PM
Google Assistant is now available on the IPHONE!!!
1:28 PM
Google Lens will now, through, Google Assistant will be able to translate through through camera
1:27 PM
You will now be able to type to your Google Assistant. Already this was already available on Google Allo
1:24 PM
Google Assistant now on many more devices other than the Google Pixel
1:14 PM
NEW: Google Lens
1:14 PM
Photo editing like never before. Turn a pixelated picture into HD Quality
1:12 PM
Support of multiple users in Google Home
1:11 PM
Improvement in voice recognition even in noisy environment.
1:11 PM
Voice and Vision are two new addition
12:54 PM
That’s cool. The audience is actually popping the bubbles. Where they are randomly assigned a colour.
12:47 PM
Very impressive animation^Ramon
12:42 PM
Google IO has now started^Ramon
12:32 PM
Hello everyone, This is Jessica. I’m now in!
12:25 PM
Google IO is now LIVE and has started^Ramon
12:25 PM
For all technology fanatics and enthusiasts, Welcome. CTECH is the place for the latest tech news and product reviews. Become a member now.
12:21 PM
We have 25 viewers on CTECH right now watching the LIVE stream! Hello Guys. Glad Having you. ^ Ramon here to keep your company.
12:15 PM
Seems like Google is running late. We are now placed on another 10 mins wait. ^Ramon
12:14 PM
We are exciting another member of our CTECH team in a few mins.
12:12 PM
I am not sure what is going on but we are still stuck on a waiting screen.
12:03 PM
We are now stuck on the screen. Apparently waiting for Google Developers
12:00 PM
Google IO is starting guys. Stay tuned. Ramon here keeping your company!
11:51 AM
7 mins to go!
11:48 AM
We will try our best to comment and give insights on everything. ^Ramon
11:41 AM
20 mins to go!!
11:33 AM
Commentary is also automatically on Facebook. You guys can follow it here or by clicking the link to watch the LIVE Broadcast.
11:26 AM
Counting down to the half an hour mark before the event kicks off ^Ramon
11:14 AM
Google IO runs from today till the 19th.
11:12 AM
Google IO

New Google IO Banner
11:09 AM
Here is what to expect: Android O – excited about that | Updates on Google Home and Google Assistant | Allo | VR
11:06 AM
Ramon here guys. Hope you guys are excited as I am right now.
11:02 AM
57 Mins to go and counting down!!!!
10:44 AM
Google IO starting in 76 mins. Stay tuned!
10:20 AM
Hear our views on news products on Google IO
10:12 AM
10:07 AM

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